New System Promises Better Customer Support for Europe
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Onboard Systems implemented a new software system in January to help manage its production, ordering and fulfillment processes. This program will allow our European sales office to access inventory and pricing information in real-time, despite the time zone difference.

The primary reason that Onboard opened an office in the UK was to provide better customer sales and support for our customers in Europe. However, our manufacturing software wasn't sophisticated enough to allow the UK office to log in and access inventory and pricing information from the US manufacturing facility, so our European sales rep had to wait until the plant opened for information. Since there is an eight hour time difference between the UK and the west coast of the US, this meant that customers usually had to wait a day or more to get firm quotes, order confirmations or shipping schedules.

The new system gives the UK office real-time access to parts and system inventory data, so that European customers can get same day quotes and place immediate orders for product that is in stock. Best of all, orders placed from Europe will be first in the queue for processing and shipping when the US manufacturing plant opens.

We expect that the new system will greatly expedite the requests for quotes and streamline the entire ordering and shipping process for customers in Europe.