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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Onboard Systems is committed to customer satisfaction, and that includes our ongoing email communications with you. Because your time is valuable, we strive to limit our ongoing promotional email campaigns, but if you feel you are getting too much email from us (or not enough), you can view and manage the campaigns you are currently subscribed to at any time.

Our five ongoing campaigns include:

  • Subscriptions to The HookThe Hook is our quarterly newsletter, typically sent out in March, June, September, and December (4 times per year).
  • Product Catalog Notifications — We send subscribers an email when we issue our new product catalog so they can download a copy or request one in the mail (1 time per year).
  • Photo Contest — Our annual photo contest lets you submit your best helicopter external loadwork photos for use in our catalog. If one or more of your photos is selected, you'll receive some very nice prizes (1 time per year).
  • Customer Surveys — Help shape the direction of our new products, and provide feedback on product improvements. We award 6 random survey responders with some very nice prizes (2-4 surveys per year).
  • Tradeshows — We notify customers about the tradeshows and conventions we will be attending each year, which include the Heli-Expo (US), HAC (Canada), Rotortech (Australia), and other regional shows (3-5 times per year).

The first step is to check to see if you are currently subscribed to any of our email lists by entering your email in this box:



If you are not subscribed to any of our lists, you will be presented with a sign-up form. If you are already signed up for one or more of our campaign lists, you will see a box like this:


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To review your subscriptions, simply click the link and you will receive an email with a secure link to your subscriber options panel. The reason we do it this way is to ensure that you and only you can update your information or confirm a new subscription. Your panel will show the name, email, company, and country for your subscription(s). You can update this information, as well as the subscriptions you are signed up for, by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes. You can also unsubscribe by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the panel.


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