Shop Talk: Troubleshooting Tips for Load Cells and Cockpit Indicators

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

troubleshooting load cells


As a general rule, most problems with existing Onboard Weighing System installations are usually associated with cables that have been stretched, pinched, or cut, as well as connectors that are damaged or corroded. But if you've checked out the wiring harness using the instructions in our Load Cell Troubleshooing Guide (Document #125-001-00) and confirmed it's operational, your next step is to figure out if the problem is in the load cell or the cockpit indicator — and that can be a problem if you don't have a spare load cell or cockpit indicator lying around to use for testing.

Fortunately, Onboard offers a load cell simulator (P/N 210-205-00) that you can use to help isolate a troubled component. As discussed in the Load Cell Troubleshooing Guide, the simulator can be inserted in place of the load cell to send two signals through the internal harness to the cockpit indicator. If the indicator displays the readings, then you know that the load cell is in need of service. Conversely, if the readings are not displayed, then the cockpit indicator is in need of service.

In addition to the load cell simulator, you will also need an adapter cable (P/N 270-109-00) to mate the internal harness to the simulator for the following aircraft:

Aircraft Part Number Model
Airbus Helicopters SA330 Puma 200-010-00 E-53
Airbus Helicopters SA332 200-012-00 E-54
Bell 214 200-152-00 E-62

Complete instructions for using the load cell simulator to diagnose problems in the cockpit indicator or load cell assembly can be found in the Load Cell Troubleshooing Guide. Because there are no field serviceable items in the cockpit indicator or the load cell, if service is needed, please request an RMA using our online form and send them to the factory. Or you can contact us for technical support or more information.



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