How to Search for Service Alerts & Bulletins

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Safety is our highest priority, so we've set up a special page on our website to help you search for service alerts and service bulletins using either the part number or the STC number. This search page makes it easy for customers to see if their equipment needs additional attention — and find out what you need to do next.

Search by Part Number

The easiest way to search for service alerts and service bulletins is to search by part number. As you can see below, by entering the part number in the "Part No." box, you will get a list of any service alerts or service bulletins written against that part number:

search by part number


The list is sorted by date, with the most recently issued document at the top of the list. Each document can be quickly viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link in the "Document Number" column. A brief note about the topic for each document is provided under the "Description" column. You can also click on an entry in the "Products" column to visit the product page, or on an entry in the "Certificates" column if you want to look at the STC documents for certified equipment.

Search by STC Number

If all you have is the STC document, you can enter the STC number in the "Certification No." box to get a list of any service alerts or service bulletins written against parts on that cert:

search by part number


You can now click on any of the part numbers shown in the "Products" column to go to the product pages to try to identify your specific part number, or just view the service bulletins and service alerts listed.

Sign Up For Our Document Update Service

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that you are always aware of new service alerts and bulletins for your specific products is to sign up for our free Document Update Service, which will also alert you if any of the documentation for your Onboard Systems equipment is updated. Simply go to our website and register your Onboard Systems products by setting up and account to provide us with an email address or fax number where we can send the document update notices.

Once this is set up, if one of the manuals for an Onboard Systems product that you have registered is updated, or a service bulletin is issued for your product, you will receive an email or fax to let you know. The documents are linked to our website in the email notifications; the fax notifications simply provide a list of the products and the updated document numbers.

Our system lets you choose to receive the notices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you can choose the delivery schedule that works best for you. If you have any questions about the Document Update Service, or need some help getting set up, please contact us.

Join Our Service Alerts & Bulletins List

If you only want to be notified about service alerts and service bulletins, we have created a special email list to help keep you informed about service alerts and bulletins for our cargo hook equipment. The people on this dedicated email list are only contacted when we issue new service alerts or service bulletins. Find out more by visiting our sign-up page.



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