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Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Onboard Systems cargo hooks have some of the longest time between overhauls (TBO) in the industry. For optimal safety and performance, regular maintenance and adherence to the overhaul schedule are essential. If it's time to service or overhaul your cargo hook, you have several options:

  • Send it back to Onboard Systems for service in our certified FAA Part 145 Repair Station (certified by EASA to issue FAA Form 8130-3 Dual Release Certificates)  
  • Send it to a qualified repair facility  
  • Service it yourself

You can review these options in detail in our booklet, Your Guide to Overhaul Options, which is available for download on our website.

Fixed Pricing, Online RMAs & Service Pre-payments

To streamline and expedite the overhaul process, Onboard Systems now offers fixed pricing for standard cargo hook overhaul services. This makes it possible for you to pre-authorize service and payment for your overhaul, allowing us to quickly route your equipment out to the shop floor for service — sidestepping the time-consuming quote and approval process. For faster service, we recommend that you request an RMA at our website and enclose a copy in your shipment.

Trade-In & Upgrade Programs

Why spend good money overhauling or repairing old or obsolete cargo hooks? Trade it in towards the purchase new cargo hook equipment from Onboard Systems, or upgrade your equipment to the latest technologies.

ATP & Inspection Services

If you need Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) or periodic inspections to meet contract requirements, you can pre-authorize service and payment on our website. For faster service, we recommend that you request an RMA at our website and enclose a copy in your shipment.

For more information about Onboard Systems' maintenance options, please visit our website.


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