Overhaul Options for Your TALON Cargo Hooks

Monday, November 15, 2010

before and after overhaul


Even though Onboard's TALON® cargo hooks give you one of the longest TBOs in the industry, at some point, you will need to overhaul that hook. Here's a look at three cost-effective options for when it's time to overhaul your hook.

Onboard Systems Factory Overhaul

When you send your cargo hook back to us, our highly trained factory technicians will restore it to "like new" quality. We will also provide a CoC or FAA Form 8130-3 with your returned hook. Our overhaul service includes:

  • Disassembly, inspection, cleaning, re-lubrication, and re-assembly of the hook, per the requirements in the service manual
  • Replacement of all threaded fasteners, bearings, and bushing springs
  • Replacement of any worn and corroded parts, as needed
  • Refinishing as needed
  • Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) including Proof Load Test, Minimum Load Release Test, Electrical Release Test, and Manual Release test

Most overhauls take about a month to complete; please refer to our Repair Station Price List for costs.  If you are unable to be without your cargo hook for even the short time it takes to do a factory overhaul, consider using our Overhaul Exchange Pool service instead. To return your hook for factory service, get an RMA number and then send us your hook. When we receive your hook, we will evaluate it and provide you with a quote and estimated lead time for performing the overhaul. Once you approve the quote, we will start work on the overhaul.

Service Center Overhaul

If you prefer, you can take your cargo hook to any experienced aircraft maintenance facility capable of carrying out the overhaul procedures listed in the service manual for your cargo hook. An important consideration is whether or not a service center is able to perform the required Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP), as you will not be able to put the hook back into service until it passes all of the tests in the ATP as outlined in the service manual.

If the service center is able to perform the overhaul but cannot perform the test, either you or they can send the hook to Onboard Systems and we will perform the ATP for a flat fee, plus shipping.

For a list of worldwide service centers that have the capability to overhaul your cargo hook and perform the appropriate ATP tests, please contact us.

Perform the Overhaul Yourself

One of the many benefits of owning cargo hook equipment from Onboard Systems is that our hooks are easy to overhaul. Simply disassemble and inspect the parts of your hook according to the instructions in your service manual, then replace any parts as required using simple hand tools.

For your convenience, Onboard maintains a large inventory of spare parts and overhaul kits, allowing immediate shipment of the parts you'll need to perform your overhaul.

And should you have any questions about overhauling your cargo hook, our service technicians, customer support representatives, and engineers are all easy to reach and responsive to your requests.

Contact us, and we'll get you the answers you need right away.


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