Shop Talk: Overhaul Exchange Pool Programs

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Exchange Pool


As we enter the busy summer season in the northern hemisphere, some operators are dismayed to find that their cargo hooks need to be overhauled before they can put them into service. A typical factory overhaul takes about 15 days to complete after Onboard receives the hook in, and with fire contracts, construction work, and utility maintenance activities heading into full swing, that's 15 days too long for many of our customers. That's why Onboard has established two levels of equipment exchange services. Here's an overview of our cargo hook exchange program.

Cargo Hook Exchange Pool

If you are unable to be without your cargo hook for the duration of a standard factory overhaul, you can utilize our Exchange Pool service for these TALON® cargo hook families:

The hooks in our Exchange Pool have been meticulously restored to like-new condition by our factory technicians. They have been disassembled, inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled, and all threaded fasteners, bearings, and bushing springs have been replaced, along with any worn or corroded parts. Damaged finishes and coatings on exposed parts have been touched up or reapplied to protect the cargo hook from corrosion and wear. Finally, they are inspected and tested to ensure that they are ready to safely resume external load work.

Contact us to confirm availability, then request an RMA and send us your hook. When we receive it, we will send you a replacement hook from our Exchange Pool. The exchange pool hook is now yours to keep and use; you will not receive your original hook back. Instead, your core hook will be overhauled and added back into the Exchange Pool.

Expedited Exchange Service

If you simply cannot afford be without a cargo hook for any length of time, you may be interested in using our expedited Exchange Pool service. Under this program, we will:

  • Confirm Exchange Pool product availability
  • Invoice you for the full price of a new cargo hook
  • Upon receipt of payment (if you do not have a Net 30 account), immediately ship you an Exchange Pool hook via your requested shipment method

When you receive the Exchange Pool hook, simply place your old hook inside the box, write the RMA number provided on your shipping label or on the box, and send it to us. When we receive your core hook, we will refund the difference between the actual overhaul cost of your hook from the new cargo hook price paid on the original invoice. Core hook returns are due back to Onboard Systems within thirty (30) days from the date the exchange unit was shipped (invoice date).

If you are not already a Net 30 customer, please complete a Net 30 account application form and send it to your sales representative via fax or email.

If you have any questions about caring for your Onboard Systems equipment, feel free to reach out to one of our technical support representatives by phone or email, or through our online support form.


Why Onboard

We maintain a large inventory of products, spare parts, and complete systems on site, allowing immediate shipment of most items. So while other manufacturers may put you on a waiting list for months, we’re able to ship most equipment the same day it's ordered.