Service Life Update for Synthetic Helicopter Longlines from Barry Cordage

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Helicopter using a longline and cargo net to transport a load

Barry Cordage recently modified the service life calculation for their synthetic helicopter longlines to include shelf life, in addition to service life. In the past, all Barry Cordage longlines had a maximum four-year service life, based on the manufacturing date alone. The new service life calculations apply to longlines with a manufacture date after July 1, 2017 and will give operators greater flexibility to purchase and store longlines up to two years in advance of anticipated use.

  Standard Barry UMHWPE fiber longline D.E.W. Line longlines with extruded jacket
Maximum Shelf Life  6 years after
manufacturing date
6 years after
manufacturing date
Maximum Service Life  4 years 4 years at 5,000 lbs. WLL
+ 2 years at 3,000 lbs. WLL
Maximum Combined Life 
(Shelf + Service) 
6 years 6 years


Service life begins when the longline is used for the first time. As a general rule, Barry recommends that longlines be taken out of service after a maximum 2,000 hours of use, with regular inspection and flight logging as per the product user instructions manual. This change does not apply to Barry Cordage cargo nets.

Please refer to the Barry Technical Publications page on the Barry Cordage website for complete safety and inspection requirements for your longline products.





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