Photo Gallery: Aircoastal Helicopters

Friday, April 15, 2011

Aircoastal Helicopters

Customer Profile

No. Employees: 13

No. Helicopters: 8

Location: Palm Beach County Airpark, Lantana, Florida

Aircraft Models in Fleet:
  • Bell 206B
  • Bell 407
  • R22
  • R44
  Type of Load Work:
  • Part 141 flight school on premises
  • Part 135 charter
  • External Load Work
  • Fixed float work in Everglades areas in Bell 206B3
  • Electronic news gathering
  • Hi-Def stabilized video services
  • Camera mount work
  • Offshore crew transport


Our thanks to Ron Geiser of Aircoastal Helicopters in Lantana, Florida for sending us these photos of of their Bell 206B2 lifting a rooftop air conditioner into place in a very tight situation.

"We used our multi-function helicopter for this lift to the top of a 500-foot building from a vacant lot next door," said Mr. Geiser. "This had to be done in time to fix the penthouse clubhouse AC system in time for Easter celebrations."

What made this job so challenging was the fact that there was only a few feet to the edges of the roof, and only one location close to unit to be replaced where they could drop the 750-LB air conditioner.

Ron has worked as a pilot for Aircoastal since February 1985, first as EMS base chief pilot and later flew our Bell 206L-1 to Alaska for the summer of 1989 (Valdese Oil Spill year) as a bush pilot on the North Slope. He had worked in aerial application and offshore tuna spotter work (Soloy Bell 47, MD500D, B206B3) from 1979 to 1984. Ron is a Vietnam ERA Army trained pilot flying UH-1 and CH-47 Chinook helicopters from 1971-1975.

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Ron is also an A&P, IA and Director of Maintenance for Aircoastal and Palm Beach Helicopters, based in Aircoastal's hangar.

Ron will receive a selection of Onboard Systems promotional items. To find out how you can receive cool stuff in exchange for photos and video, please refer to this article.

Aircoastal has provided a wide variety of helicopter services since 1982, including hospital-based air ambulance services, aircraft maintenance and modifications, aircraft storage, film and TV support work, flight training, and sightseeing tours. They performed a glass cockpit conversion of a Robinson R22 Beta (which was shown at HAI in 2010 & 2011) and also perform Robinson 2200 hour and 12 year field overhaul inspections. Aircoastal has provided aerial filming for The History Channel, Discovery Channel and other productions. Aircoastal has also operated AS350B and Bell 206L aircraft under their Part 135 operation.

Contact information:
Aircoastal Helicopters
2615 Lantana Road, Suite J, Hangar 803
Lantana, FL
Tel: 561-642-6840
Fax: 561-642-5393


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