Shop Talk: Fix It Yourself, or Return for Service?

Thursday, April 8, 2021

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One of the many reasons our customers love their Onboard Systems equipment is because it's easy to service. We provide excellent documentation with inspection and repair information, and finding parts and spares is relatively painless as we maintain a large inventory of stocked parts to support our products. However, there are circumstances where it's probably better to contact us before working on your equipment.

Cargo Hooks

If your cargo hook system doesn't seem to be working correctly, you may want to download a copy of our TALON Cargo Hook Troubleshooting Guide. This guide provides field troubleshooting procedures for experienced aircraft mechanics using standard shop practices and basic troubleshooting skills. You can also contact our technical support team for additional guidance.

Component Maintenance Manual

The component maintenance manual (CMM) for your cargo hook equipment is your first and best resource for specific information about servicing your cargo hook. Be sure to download a copy of the most current version of your product's documentation before you begin. The CMM contains a table that details inspection criteria for each part of the cargo hook, as well as recommended repair actions, finishing recommendations, and overhaul replacement requirements.

If the "Repair Action" column says "None," then that means the part cannot be repaired, and must be replaced before returning the hook to service. We have a handy "Parts & Spares" search box on our website that will help you quickly find replacement parts and add them to a quote or shopping cart.

If your inspection finds that wear and tear for components is outside of the tolerance criteria as specified in the CMM, you can contact our technical support team for additional guidance.

Acceptance Test Procedure

While some customers have the ability to perform repairs and overhauls in-house, many don’t have the equipment to perform the required Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP). In these cases, you can send the serviced hook to the Onboard Systems factory for the ATP. We charge a flat fee for this service; please refer to the Repair Station Cargo Hook Pricing sheet for more information, or visit our ATP Services page.

Inspection Services

For customers with contracts that require periodic cargo hook inspection (such as USFS contracts, etc.), Onboard Systems offers an inspection service that includes product disassembly, visual inspection, lubrication, reassembly and the ATP. Please visit our Inspection Services page for more information.

Service Bulletins

Some service bulletins require factory service for compliance. You can check for any service bulletins that may have been issued for your equipment at our website by entering either the part number or the STC number.

Uncommanded Releases

In the unlikely event of an uncommanded release, you should contact our technical support team before attempting any inspection or service work on the hook.

Load Cells

It is important to note that load cells are not field serviceable and must be returned to the factory for periodic recalibration, as described in the product owners manual. In addition, because the load cell gauges are delicate and can be easily damaged during disassembly, and the calibration and zero balance procedures require specialized skills and equipment to perform with precision, there are no authorized service centers.

However, if you are experiencing problems with your Onboard Weighing System, we do have an Electronic Load Weigh System Troubleshooting Guide available for download. This guide outlines field troubleshooting procedures for experienced aircraft mechanics using standard shop practices and basic troubleshooting skills. You can also contact our technical support team for additional guidance.


If you have any questions about caring for your Onboard Systems equipment, feel free to reach out to one of our technical support representatives by phone or email, or through our online support form.



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