Extended Shelf & Service Life for Barry Longlines & Cargo Nets

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Helicopter using a longline and cargo net to transport a load

In 2017, Barry Cordage modified the service life calculation for their synthetic helicopter longlines to include shelf life, in addition to service life. We're excited to let you know that the combined shelf and service life for both Barry longlines and cargo nets has been updated again.

Patrick Barry, Vice President, Business Development at Barry Cordage, noted that "For many years, Barry has been very conservative with regards to service life for our products. This was based on empirical data, aging studies, and break-test results that provided this basis at the time. However, we have recently completed an extensive airworthiness analysis, as well as a design update of our longlines and cargo nets. The outcome of this has resulted in increased service life and shelf life for these products."

Barry Product Maximum
Shelf Life
Service Life
Combined Life
Longlines 10 years after
manufacturing date
10 years 10 years
Cargo Nets 10 years after
manufacturing date
5 years 10 years

For Barry longlines and cargo nets manufactured before February 1, 2020, please refer to the life limitations indicated on the product ID label. Longlines without an indicated expiration date should be retired no later than four (4) years after their manufacturing date, while cargo nets without an indicated expiration date should be retired no later than five (5) years after their manufacturing date.


The extended life limitations are not retroactive to products manufactured prior to February 1, 2020. For Barry longlines and cargo nets manufactured before February 1, 2020, operators should refer to the life limitations indicated on their product ID label, which reflect the guidelines of the user manuals available at that time of manufacturing.

In addition, longlines and cargo nets are considered on-condition throughout their shelf and service life and must pass inspections and maintenance recommendations found in the user manual. Service life begins when the longline or cargo net is used for the first time. 

Please refer to the Barry Technical Publications page on the Barry Cordage website for complete safety and inspection requirements for your longline products.



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