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Saturday, December 15, 2007

documentation update service


Onboard Systems launched a new, automated notification service for documentation updates in September. This service allows customers to self-register their Onboard Systems products on our website, and if any of the documentation for their specific product(s) is updated (or if a service bulletin is issued), they will automatically receive a fax or email.

The new product registration and automated documentation notification service allows customers to register their Onboard Systems products either by helicopter model or by part number — whichever method is easier. To access the system, customers can visit the Document Update Service page from the Documentation menu.

New users will need to create a secure web account with a user ID and password, and then they can select the products they want to receive notifications for. If you don't select any products, you won't receive any notices, so this is a very important part of the sign-up process.

Once registered, you can choose to receive notices by either email, fax, or both fax and email. You can also select how often you wish to receive these notifications. Currently, you can choose to receive immediate notification whenever any of the documentation for a registered product is posted, or you can opt to receive notifications on a weekly or monthly basis. If you forget your password, you can ask the system email or fax your password to you.

We appreciate the response we have received so far for this new service, and we encourage all of our customers to register their products for document update notifications as soon as possible.


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