External Load Mission Chrome Themes for Your Browser

Friday, December 10, 2021

Chrome Themes

Each year, Onboard Systems creates two exclusive Chrome browser themes featuring external load mission photos and shares them with customers in our year-end email. Here is a gallery of the Chrome browser themes we have created so far. Instructions for installing Chrome themes are provided under the gallery. These images are also available as desktop wallpaper images for your computer on this page.

Sunset Woods
Click Image to Install
Sunset Woods Chrome Theme
Fire Bucket 1
Click Image to Install
Fire Bucket Chrome Theme
Tree Lift
Click Image to Install
Tree Lift Chrome Theme
Bear Lift
Click Image to Install
Bear Lift Chrome Theme
Click Image to Install
Vineyard Chrome Theme
Fire Bucket 2
Click Image to Install
Tree Lift Chrome Theme
Heli Ski
Click Image to Install
Heli Ski Chrome Theme
Tarmac Rainbow
Click Image to Install
Tarmac Rainbow Chrome Theme
Bucket Work
Click Image to Install
Bucket Work Chrome Theme
Helicopter Caravan
Click Image to Install
Helicopter Caravan Chrome Theme
Midnite Fire
Click Image to Install
Midnite Fire Chrome Theme
Power Lift
Click Image to Install
Power Lift Chrome Theme
Frozen Loadwork
Click Image to Install
Frozen Loadwork Chrome Theme
Glacier Shadow
Click Image to Install
Glacier Shadow Chrome Theme
Click Image to Install
Heli-Mulching Chrome Theme
Orange Smoke
Click Image to Install
Orange Smoke Chrome Theme
Rocky Load
Click Image to Install
Special Delivery Chrome Theme
Click Image to Install
Rocky Load Chrome Theme


How to Add a Chrome Theme

1. Download a zipped theme file to your desktop and unzip it using a file achive program, such as 7-ZipWinRAR, etc. and save the unzipped theme file to your desktop.
2. Open a new browser window in Chrome. At the bottom right of your browser screen, you will see a little pencil tool.
3. Click on the pencil icon to restore your browser to the default "Classic Chrome" theme:
4. At the top right of your browser screen, click the "More" button (More Button), then click "More Tools," then click "Extensions."
More button
5. At the top right of your browser screen, click on the button to enable Developer mode.
Developer Mode
6. Drag and drop the unzipped theme file from your desktop on top of your Extensions page in your browser.
Drag & Drop Theme
7. Click the "Add Theme" button.
Add Theme



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