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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

C-40 Cockpit Indicator 411


Onboard Systems is rolling out our C-40 Cockpit Indicator across multiple aircraft and Onboard Weighing System kits. The C-40 indicator offers simplified hook TBO tracking, improved LCD screen contrast, and a digital weight reading with an analog bar display, among many other improvements over the current C-39 indicator, which has been in use for more than twenty years. A forthcoming data logging software upgrade will allow operators to record time, load weight, and GPS coordinates for pick-up and drop-off locations. Software upgrades can be downloaded from the Onboard Systems website onto a thumb drive for fast and easy field installation.

The C-40 indicator is upgrade-compatible from the C-39, so operators with existing equipment who would like to take advantage of the advanced features provided by the C-40 can simply replace their C-39 unit with a C-40 unit as their load weigh kit(s) become certified for use. Please contact us for more information.

For your convenience, here is a complete reference list of aircraft and Onboard Weighing Systems currently certified for the C-40 indicator:


Manufacturer Model Description Part Number Certifications

Airbus Helicopters

(B2 & older models)
Model E-69 Onboard Weighing System 200-295-00 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
(B3, B3e & H125)
Model E-86 Onboard Weighing System


FAA, Transport Canada, (EASA pending)
(B3e & H125)
Cargo Hook Swing Kit with TALON LC Hydraulic Hook 200-470-00 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
Cargo Hook Swing Kit with Surefire TALON LC Hydraulic Hook 200-470-02 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
C-40 Cockpit Indicator Upgrade Kit 200-472-00 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
SA330 Puma Model E-53 Onboard Weighing System 200-010-00 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
SA332 Super Puma Model E-54 Onboard Weighing System 200-012-00 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
Bell 206L Model E-93 Onboard Weighing System 200-464-00 FAA
204, 205, 212 & 412 Cargo Hook Kit with TALON MC Keeperless Hook & Onboard Weighing System 200-089-26 FAA
Cargo Hook Kit with Surefire TALON MC Keeperless Hook & Onboard Weighing System 200-089-27 FAA
Model E-77 Onboard Weighing System 200-151-02 FAA
407 Model E-93 Onboard Weighing System 200-464-00 FAA
MD Helicopters MD500 TALON LC Hydraulic Hook Cargo Hook Kit with Attach Point & Onboard Weighing System 200-379-00 FAA, Transport Canada, Brazil
MD500 TALON LC Hydraulic Hook Cargo Hook Kit with Surefire, Attach Point, & Onboard Weighing System 200-379-10 FAA, Transport Canada
MD500 Model E-89 Pin-Style Onboard Weighing System 200-383-00 FAA, Transport Canada, Brazil
Robinson Helicopter R66 Model E-91 Pin-Style Onboard Weighing System 200-381-01 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
Model E-91 Pin-Style Onboard Weighing System with Surefire 200-381-11 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
Model E-91 Pin-Style Onboard Weighing System 200-382-01 FAA, Transport Canada, EASA
Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk TALON MC Cargo Hook Replacement Kit with Onboard Weighing System 200-438-00 FAA


Onboard will be requesting certification for additional aircraft and kits over the coming weeks and months, including the medium Bells and the UH-1, the Robinson R44, and other AS350 models. Bookmark this page and check back for more updates, or contact us for more information about the C-40 roll-out.




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