Designed specifically for use with lighter helicopters, our new 2K Remote Hook Kit safely transports loads up to 2,000 LB (907 KG). Our ingenious design is also versatile, because it's built around our popular TALON Keeperless Carousel Hook. Using simple hand tools, you can separate the hook from the cage and use it on your favorite carousel system.

Alternatively, if you already own a TALON Keeperless Carousel Hook, simply order the cage assembly and you can build your own 2K Remote Hook.

Finally, in response to customer requests, we have developed a Brush Guard Kit that mounts on the side of the hook and protects the "Open" knob from sticks or branches that may push up against the knob and cause an inadvertent release. The Brush Guard Kit can be used on the TALON Keeperless Carousel Hook, with or without the cage assembly.


2k Remote HookBENEFITS

  • Lightweight Remote Hook — Complete kit weighs less than 16 LB (7.3 KG), including the cage, the TALON Keeperless Carousel Hook and the Brush Guard.
  • Durable, High-Visibility Powder Coat —Ensures years of duty in the field. Lasts significantly longer than paint finishes.
  • USFS-approved Keeperless Safety Feature — Reduces the risk that your load can slip off of the hook.
  • One-handed Loading Capability — Unique load beam stays open after load jettisoning, offering a large target for the loader. Secures a new load when the load ring is pushed upward on the load beam.  Stays locked even when going through trees.
  • Increased Load Safety — Optional brush guard prevents branches and other objects from pushing against the knob and triggering an inadvertent release.
  • Maximum Versatility — The cage and hook can be disassembled using simple hand tools so the hook can be used separately on a carousel loader, as desired.
  • Release Safety — TALON Carousel Cargo Hooks are designed to release 2.5 times rated load.  In an emergency situation, such as a long line snag, this hook gives pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load.
  • Easy Maintenance & Overhaul — Carousel hooks are easily and quickly overhauled at the factory or in the field using simple hand tools. 

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