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EC135 Replacement Dual HEC Cargo Hook Kit


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Onboard Systems has developed a replacement dual cargo hook kit for the Airbus EC135 aircraft (models EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+, and EC135P3 & T3’s without Helionix).  Built around a dual installation of installation of a unique version of the TALON® LC Keeperless Cargo Hook that's been modified to match the housing geometry and mounting interface for the EC135, this kit provides an STC-certified solution for a variety of CFR Part 133 external load missions, including HEC, high-value cargo transport, utility line work, short haul, and search & rescue.


EC135 Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
Our new EC135 HEC Dual Cargo Hook Replacement kit, as shown during our FAA fit check in March 2022 (beam assembly courtesy Heli-Dunn in Phoenix, Oregon).
  • STC Certified for HEC: Our new cargo hook kit is fully certified to the requirements of 14 CFR 27.865 for Human External Cargo (HEC).
  • Complete Dual-Hook Replacement Solution: Comes with everything you'll need to to replace your existing cargo hooks, the manual release cable, and electrical harness.

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P/N 200-467-00:  Airbus EC135 Dual Cargo Hook Replacement Kit

P/N 490-022-00:  Y-Rope for Airbus EC135 Dual Cargo Hook Kit

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