C-40 Cockpit Indicator Upgrades

c-40 installed in aircraft

Onboard designed the C-40 Cockpit Indicator (P/N 210-293-00) to be interchangible with the C-39 Cockpit Indicator, making it simple for operators to upgrade their Onboard Weighing Systems.

The cockpit indicator is a key component of your helicopter's Onboard Weighing System, and our latest generation C-40 model has been designed from the ground up to incorporate the most-requested features to measure and display cargo weight. The C-40 sports a dual digital and analog display to help pilots quickly recognize the weight of their load, as well as hook TBO tracking. Best of all, the C-40 uses the same electrical connector and mounting location as its predessor, the C-39, making the upgrade a straightforward drop-in replacement.

Upgrading Your C-39 to a C-40

Onboard's C-40 Cockpit Indicator is upgrade-compatible from the C-39, so in most cases operators who want the advanced features provided by the C-40 can simply purchase a C-40 unit (P/N 210-293-00) and swap it out with the C-39 in their existing Onboard Weighing System. The C-40 fits a standard 2.25-inch instrument panel hole and can be mounted anywhere in the cockpit in view of the pilot.

It should be noted that that the C-40 is not compatable with our Analog Slave Meters, so operators who have installed these products will no longer be able to use them if they upgrade to the C-40. In addition, there are certain aircraft models that require additional parts to upgrade to the C-40. Onboard will create unique upgrade kits for these aircraft as we continue to certify the C-40 across our product lines.

To get started, you'll need to check our current chart of cargo hook kits and Onboard Weighing System kits that have been certified for use with the C-40. If your existing equipment isn't on the list yet, keep in mind that Onbard is in the process of obtaining certifications for a wide variety of aircraft and we update this list as new certifications are confirmed. Please check back periodically or contact your Onboard sales rep for more information about your specific situation.

Airbus Helicopters H125 VEMD C-40 Upgrade Kit

c-40 display
The Analog Output Test screen outputs a simulated load to test the connection to VEMD.

In 2020, Airbus Helicopters announced a major performance increase for external and internal load lifting capabilities on AS350-B3/H125 aircraft that are equipped with the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD). According to Airbus, while the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft remains unchanged, its external and internal load lifting capabilities are increased for a large part of the flight domain (up to 140 kg), while the hover ceiling OGE at maximum take-off weight is increased by more than 1,500 ft (up to 12,600 ft) — representing a 10% to 20% payload increase for a typical aerial load mission.

The extra load capabilities will be included as a standard feature on all new-built H125s, and a certified retrofit solution consisting of a VEMD software upgrade has been released for VEMD-equipped H125s already in service. For Onboard Systems customers who are using one of our Onboard Weighing Systems with C-39 Cockpit Indicators, please note that the C-39 cannot connect to VEMD, so you will need to upgrade to a C-40 Cockpit Indicator if you want to integrate the new load performance capabilities with your Onboard Systems equipment.

Because this installation requires additional parts for the upgrade, Onboard has released a certified upgrade kit (P/N 200-472-00) for this aircraft. Once the upgrade kit is installed, operators will be able to connect to the VEMD (post MOD 07-4716) to increase the main rotor RPM to 400 when an external load of 150 kg or more is measured.

However, if you want to upgrade to the C-40 without connecting to the VEMD, you can simply purchase a C-40 unit (P/N 210-293-00) and the C-40 Mount Kit (P/N 200-432-00) for this aircraft. Please refer to your owner manuals for more information about upgrading to a C-40 on this aircraft model.

If you have any questions about caring for your Onboard Systems equipment, please reach out to one of our technical support representatives by phone or email, or through our online support form.


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