Airbus EC130 Cargo Hook Swing Suspension System

EC130 swing load


Onboard's swing suspension system for the Airbus EC130 B4 aircraft was developed in response to customers seeking an alternative to the OEM cargo hook equipment. This kit includes many upgrades and features, such as:

  • Gimbal Frame — Our gimbal frame distributes weight between the four cables more effectively than a rigid frame to ensure balanced load sharing throughout the aircraft.
  • Built-in Bumper Ring — A polymer bumper ring and built-in travel limits prevent both the hook and control cables from impacting the frame and causing damage that could lead to an inadvertent load release.
  • Built-in Onboard Weighing System — Includes an integrated Onboard Weighing System to reduce the risk of overload stress and aid pilots with loading decisions.
  • Fuel Drain Guard Kit — Provides a mechanical barrier that prevents the fuel drain lever from being accidentally activated by movement of the loaded swing suspension system.
  • TALON® LC Hydraulic Hook — Greatly increases load security by using a hydraulically activated release mechanism instead of a traditional manual release cable
  • Low Maintenance Cost — Teflon-lined, self lubricating bushings at all wearing joints provide long life and greatly reduce maintenance requirements.

Our swing suspension kit is approved for new installation or as a replacement on the EC130 B4 aircraft.

EC130 Swing Suspension SystemEliminates the common causes for inadvertent releases

Onboard Systems has pioneered and developed hydraulic technology to serve as the emergency release for a number of critical reasons. The United States Department of the Interior Aviation Management released a Technical Bulletin dated July 16, 2004 that outlined common safety issues involved in inadvertent cargo hook releases. Their major findings were:

  • Cables must be rigged to exact specifications each time the hook is installed
  • Cables are prone to damage that can cause a load release 

The Onboard hydraulic release mechanism consists of a small, self-contained hydraulic reservoir that is used to open the hook. It does not use any hydraulic power from the aircraft. The hydraulic release is activated with a cabin-mounted lever that incorporates a compact master cylinder. A slave cylinder integrated in the cargo hook interfaces with the release mechanism.

EC130 Swing Suspension SystemSystem Advantages

Onboard’s cargo hook sling kit features protective anodizing and long-life bushings at each wearing joint to help protect against salt corrosion in marine environments. We also included a built-in bumper ring and hook travel limits to help prevent damage to the cargo hook and control cables—minimizing the risk of an inadvertent release. Our cargo hook sling kit is designed to mount to the single hard point on the belly of the aircraft.

  • Expand Your Capabilities — With its smaller profile and lower cost, a cargo hook sling kit is an economical way to add external load capabilities to your aircraft with minimal impact to other equipment mounted on the fuselage.
  • Easy Maintenance — The cargo hook and attach linkage are easily maintained with bushings at all wearing joints.
  • Integrated Onboard Weighing System — Allows pilots to instantly know the exact weight of the cargo on the hook. Reduces the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions.

For more information, please visit our Eurocopter EC130 Cargo Hook product page.


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