Crew-Loc Full Cage Hook, Gen 2

Crew-Loc Hook


Crew-Loc Hook Front ViewP/N 210-302-00 Crew-Loc Hook Front View

Crew-Loc Hook Side ViewP/N 210-302-00 Crew-Loc Hook Side View

Onboard's second-generation, full-cage Crew-Loc® hook offers the ultimate in load security for transporting high-value loads. Our latest design uses a ball-thrust bearing to enable smooth rotation of loads up to 6,000 lb. (2,722 kg). Our Crew-Loc hook is particularly well-suited to non-repetitive longline lifts where security of the load is paramount and detachment of the load can be accomplished by ground crew.


  • Ball-thrust Bearing Design: New bearing minimizes friction to improve hook rotation under light loads.
  • Wide, Stable Cage Design: Larger opening makes it easier to load and unload the hook. The frame shape has been optimized for stability on the ground.
  • On-Condition Overhaul Criteria: TBO is based on periodic visual and functional inspections as referenced in the user manual.
  • Highest Load Security: Can only be opened by the ground crew, helping to eliminate the possibility of an inadvertent release for valuable loads and equipment.
  • Durable, High-Visibility Finish: Stands up to years of duty in the field.
  • Robust Hook & Cage Combination: The cargo hook and protective cage are combined into one integrated unit that is robust, reliable, and low maintenance.

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