Part Number
Rated Load
1,323 lb. (600 kg)
Unit Weight
53 lb. (24 kg)
Service Life
4 years after first use

HEC Longline Kits

EC135 HEC Longline Kit (100-ft)

Product Number: 200-476-10

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Our longline kits for HEC missions include many essential components for properly rigging your aircraft to carry human external cargo, including the Y-Rope, a rigging plate, longline, weight bag, lanyard, and carabiners.

NOTE: For use with the EC135 Dual Cargo Hook Kit 200-467-00

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  • Stong & Lightweight Material:Y-Rope is fabricated with super-strong, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, which offers maximum strength with minimum weight.10:1 Design Factor for all Human External Cargo (HEC) Lines.
  • High-Performance LCP Fiber Rope:Longlines are fabricated using Vectran® LCP (liquid crystal polymer) synthetic fiber yarns to provide greater heat resistance as compared to HMPE fiber ropes. Super strong and ultra light, the ropes are treated with a polyurethane coating to resist abrasion and UV degradation.
  • Durable Construction:Fabricated with stainless steel thimbles and welded keeper rings to reduce potential thimble/rope disengagement. Wear pads at the connection point provide increased longevity.
  • Hand-Spliced Rope:Splice terminations feature lock stitch and whip lock and are individually proof tested to confirm structural integrity.
  • Color-Coordinated for Accurate Installation:Y-rope lines are color-coded and imprinted with block-lettered identifying text to ensure correct installation every time.
  • Ultra-Durable Laser ID Tags:Labels are impervious to rot and mildew to last the life of the rope.
  • Custom Sizes Available:HEC longlines can be ordered in custom lengths. Contact us for more information.


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