Airbus Helicopters H120 (EC120) Product Number 200-308-00

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Cargo Hook Kit with TALON LC Hydraulic Hook

In response to customer requests, Onboard Systems developed a cargo hook kit for the Airbus Helicopters EC120 aircraft that offers many improvements over the OEM design. In addition to the load safety offered by the TALON LC Hydraulic Cargo Hook, our new kit also features a bumper ring and built-in travel limits to protect the hook and control cables from damage, among many other features.



  • Built-in Protection: Travel limits and bumper ring keep the hook and cables from striking the airframe, protecting your aircraft and your cargo hook system.
  • Adjustable Structural Support Cable: Allows for precise length adjustment to ensure balanced load sharing throughout the aircraft.
  • Extended Time Between Overhauls: Teflon-lined, self-lubricating bushings at all wearing joints extend the typical overhaul life.
  • Integrated Onboard Weighing System: Allows pilots to instantly know the exact weight of the cargo on the hook. Reduces the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions.
  • TALON® LC Hydraulic Hook: Our hydraulic hook greatly increases load security by using a hydraulically activated release mechanism instead of a traditional manual release cable.
  • The Onboard Advantage: Our cargo hook kits can be installed on new or existing aircraft using standard hand tools. Time between overhauls is five years or 1,000 operating hours. And because Onboard Systems maintains a large inventory of cargo hook kits and spare parts, we can usually ship your order out quickly.


  • Part Number200-308-00
  • Design Load 1,543 lb. (700 kg)
  • Unit Weight 22 lb. (10 kg)
  • Typical Overhaul 5 years/1,000 hours



  • Requires additional parts as specified in the kit Owner's Manual