Bell 204, 205, 212 & 412 Product Number V205-110

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Cargo Hook Retention System

This Cargo Hook Retention System was designed for Bell 205, 212 and 412 operators who need to be able to temporarily keep the cargo hook assembly from rotating during certain types of external load missions.

This certified upgrade kit provides a restraining arm that is coupled to the cargo hook assembly and supported by a bracket that is attached to the airframe. It can be quickly enabled or disabled as needed via a quick release ball lock pin.


Certified for use on only the Bell 205, 212, and 412 models


  • Stops Cargo Hook Rotation: Length of rod allows for full fore/aft and full lateral movement without hook rotation. Rod is supported by a TeflonĀ® lined bracket that lets the pole smoothly swing forward and back.
  • Supports Complex Missions: An elegant solution for situations where you don't want the hook to spin due to multiple cable connections, use of seeding buckets, cone harvesters, portable saws, hydraulic shears, Sacksafoam™, hydraulic pumps, etc.
  • Quick & Easy to Use: Once the kit is installed, you can leave it on the aircraft and enable/disable it as needed for each mission via a quick release pin.
  • Simple Yet Robust System: Requires minimal maintenance. Service on condition.


  • Part NumberV205-110
  • Unit Weight 4 lb. (1.8 kg)