Part Number
Unit Weight
.47 lb. (.21 kg)
Electrical Requirements
21-31 VDC


C-40 Cockpit Indicator

Product Number: 210-293-01

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Increase productivity, safety, and accurate service reporting with digitally-precise weighing systems from Onboard Systems. The cockpit indicator is a key component of your Onboard Weighing System as it displays the weight of the cargo hook load to the pilot during external load missions.

The C-40 model builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the C-39, and has been designed from the ground up to incorporate several new, operator-requested features using advanced microcontroller technology to measure and display the cargo weight.

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  • Drop-In Compatible:Quick and easy upgrade uses the same electrical connector and mounting location as the C-39 — no need to re-wire anything. A new mounting bracket and/or mounting screws may be required, depending on your aircraft model.
  • Simplifies Hook TBO Tracking:Includes an "Hours of External Load" meter to keep track of time against the cargo hook Time Between Overhauls (TBO) schedule.
  • Digital RS-232 Output:Interfaces with Automatic Flight Following (AFF) equipment for contracts requiring location and weight reporting.
  • Maximum Load Input:Easy to adjust as part of your daily weight-and-balance calculation process.
  • Full Digit Display:Shows actual weight in real time; eliminates “times 10” calculations used on the C-39 Cockpit Indicator.
  • Analog Bar Display:At-a-glance visual feedback changes color as maximum load is approached (see animated demonstration image above).
  • Intuitive Interface:Just turn the knob to scroll through the options and push to select.
  • Field Upgradeable:Download software upgrades from our website onto a thumbdrive and install.
  • Adjustable Analog Out:Factory-adjustable zero and span options are available.
  • Improved Contrast:Blanview LCD screen provides better visibility in sunlight.
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