Part Number
Design Load
1,660 lb. (750 kg)
Typical Overhaul
5 years/1,000 hours
Unit Weight
12 lb. (5.44 kg)

Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3, B3e & H125

Cargo Hook Sling Kit with TALON LC Hydraulic Hook

Product Number: 200-282-02

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Onboard’s cargo hook sling kit offers a level of utility not available in the original OEM design and multiple improvements—at a better price. A protective anodizing coat and long-life bushings at each wearing joint help protect against salt corrosion in marine environments. We also included built-in travel limits to help prevent damage to the cargo hook and control cables—minimizing the risk of an inadvertent release. Our cargo hook sling kit is designed to mount to the single hard point on the belly of the aircraft.

NOTE: For AS350 B3 and B3E aircraft

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  • Expand Your Capabilities:With its smaller profile and lower cost, a cargo hook sling kit is an economical way to add external load capabilities to your aircraft with minimal impact to other equipment mounted on the fuselage.
  • Low Maintenance:The cargo hook and attach linkage are easily maintained with bushings at all wearing joints.
  • Built-in Bumper Ring:Polymer bumper ring helps keep both the hook and control cables from impacting the swing frame and causing damage.
  • Integrated Onboard Weighing System:Allows pilots to instantly know the exact weight of the cargo on the hook. Reduces the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions.
  • TALON® LC Hydraulic Hook:Our hydraulic hook greatly increases load security by using a hydraulically activated release mechanism instead of a traditional manual release cable.
  • The Onboard Advantage:Our cargo hook kits can be installed on new or existing aircraft using standard hand tools. Time between overhauls is five years or 1,000 operating hours. And because Onboard Systems maintains a large inventory of cargo hook kits and spare parts, we can usually ship your order out quickly.



Hardware Notes

  • Requires additional parts as specified in the kit Owner's Manual
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