Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3, B3e & H125 Product Number 200-280-04

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Cargo Hook Swing Kit with TALON LC Keeperless Hook & Fuel Drain Guard

The Onboard Systems Swing offers multiple improvements over the older OEM design. We added long-life bushings at each wearing joint, and change the installation to the landing gear — decreasing installation complexity and expense. And with an innovative bumper ring and travel limits, you won't damage the cargo hook or control cables that could lead to an inadvertent release.



  • Built-in Bumper Ring: Polymer bumper ring helps keep both the hook and control cables from impacting the aircraft belly and causing damage that could lead to an inadvertent load release.
  • Extended Time Between Overhauls: Teflon-lined, self-lubricating bushings at all wearing joints extend the typical overhaul life.
  • Fuel Drain Guard Kit: Helps prevent the accidental release of fuel and is a vital safety improvement for this aircraft.
  • Gimbal Frame: Distributes weight between the four cables more effectively than a rigid frame to ensure balanced load sharing throughout the aircraft.
  • Greater Value Than OEM System: System incorporates numerous features and benefits beyond what the OEM system offers at a reduced price.
  • Integrated Onboard Weighing System: Allows pilots to instantly know the exact weight of the cargo on the hook. Reduces the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions.
  • Landing Gear Clamp Installation: Onboard's design moves the hard points to the landing gear clamps instead of the more time-consuming and costly fuel cell saddle installation. Installation time and complexity are markedly reduced.
  • TALON® LC Keeperless Hook: Our third generation cargo hook sets the standard in reliability — a high quality, lighter weight, and lower cost hook that also costs less to maintain over the life of the product.
  • The Onboard Advantage: Our cargo hook kits can be installed on new or existing aircraft using standard hand tools. Time between overhauls is five years or 1,000 operating hours. And because Onboard Systems maintains a large inventory of cargo hook kits and spare parts, we can usually ship your order out quickly.