Part Number
Design Load
1,200 lb. (544 kg)
Design Load
1,015 lb. (460.4 kg)
Typical Overhaul
5 years/1,000 hours
Unit Weight
7.9 lb. (3.6 kg)

Robinson R66

Cargo Hook Kit with TALON LC Keeperless Hook & Onboard Weighing System

Product Number: 200-381-00

Go to videoOperators know that Robinson helicopters are ideal light utility aircraft for external load work or training. You can leverage that capability and enjoy even greater profit potential by installing an Onboard Systems cargo hook kit. With latest generation innovations and improvements, our Robinson cargo hook kits are a must-have accessory for your aircraft.

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  • Best Ground Clearance Available:Provides 10.5-inches (27 cm) of ground clearance from the lowest hanging point of the cargo hook, which is important for operations in remote field locations where prepared landing pads are few and far between.
  • Robust Attach Point:Rugged mount point with quadruple shear joint ensures torsional strength
  • Lock Indicator Window:For added safety, a lock indicator window on the side of the hook gives the ground crew an easy visual signal that the hook is locked.
  • Airframe & Hook Protection:Built-in travel limits keep the hook from striking the airframe and relieve strain on the hook control cables.
  • Complete Kit:Includes the cargo hook, attach point, manual and electrical release cable, plus optional Onboard Weighing System.
  • Sleek, Low-Profile System Add-on:Our pin load cell weighing system mounts to one side of the hook by replacing the connecting bolt, rather than attaching as a separate link above the hook. Increases ground clearance by eliminating extra linkage, while still allowing the pilot to know the exact weight of the load.
  • Optional Remote Hook Electrical Release Kit:An optional Electric Remote Hook Release Kit is available, giving you the ability to release loads on the remote hook from the cockpit.
  • TALON® LC Keeperless Hook:Our third generation cargo hook sets the standard in reliability — a high quality, lighter weight, and lower cost hook that also costs less to maintain over the life of the product.
  • Easy Maintenance & Overhaul:Onboard cargo hooks can be overhauled in the field, at our factory, or by a qualified repair facility using simple hand tools. Quick parts availability minimizes downtime!


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