Part Number
Unit Weight
15 lb. (6.8 kg)
Design Load
6,000 lb. (2,722 kg)
Typical Overhaul
On Condition

Auto-Loc Cargo Hook System

TALON Auto-Loc Folding Target

Product Number: 232-739-00

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Go to videoThis specialized remote cargo hook system allows pilots to pick up and drop off pre-rigged loads from unmanned locations. The system is made up of two components: an Auto-Loc cargo hook (which is suspended from the belly of the helicopter on a longline) and a Target (which is attached to the load in advance and left unattended). The pilot slings the hook onto the target to automatically lock the pair together, then lifts the load for transport. The pilot can release the load by either setting it down on the ground or releasing it in air. No ground crew needs to be present during the loading/unloading operations.

NOTE: For use with the TALON Auto-Loc Cargo Hook (P/N 210-300-00)

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  • Simple, Low-Weight System:Consists of two components: the hook and the target. The target weighs just 15 lb. (6.4 kg) and folds up for easy storage and transport. Attach the target hardpoint to your load using a shackle or other rigging, and place the target upright on the ground for unattended pickup by a helicopter.
  • Stable Target Design:The large width-to-height ratio and innovative leg design of the target help keep it from tipping over during pick up.
  • Increased Efficiency:Loads can be rigged in advance for pickup at a later time; ground crew don't need to be present to attach loads to the hook during active lifting.
  • Cost-Effective System:Inexpensive targets can be purchased separately as needed to support operations.
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