Onboard Systems Rolls Out New Line of Electric Swivels

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Onboard Systems today announced the release of its new line of Electric Swivels for external load work operations with long lines and remote hooks. The new Electric Swivels are designed to interface directly with Onboard’s TALON® 3K and 6K Remote Cargo Hooks and include many safety and durability features, such as built-in travel limits, stainless-steel housing for the swivel body and stainless steel braid for the electric cables, and easy linkage couplings.

Electric Swivel
Onboard's electric swivels allow the external load to rotate freely to ensure helicopter flight safety (P/N 200-372-00 shown)

“Our customers have been asking for a robust, durable swivel that will function well in a wide variety of environmental conditions, while also providing extra protection for the electrical harness,” said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Onboard Systems. “Our new Electric Swivel design does all that and more.”

Onboard’s Electric Swivels provide a continuous electrical connection between the cockpit release and the remote cargo hook, while also allowing the cargo hook to spin to accommodate external load movement without curling or tangling of the long line. They include a 150° travel limit stop that mounts directly on top of the TALON Remote Cargo Hook lug to limit rotation and prevent damage to the electrical cable.

The Electric Swivel body is made of 100% stainless steel for years of trouble-free use in a wide variety of environments. The entire length of both electrical cables is sheathed in stainless steel braid and includes robust strain relief at the cable ends, protecting them from damage during operation and minimizing the potential for breakage. Both ends of the swivel include attachment bolts and nuts that allow it connect it directly to the long line and the TALON Remote Cargo Hook without additional shackles or linkage.

For more information, please visit the electric swivel page.


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