Onboard Systems Robinson R66 Cargo Hook Kits with Surefire Option Certified by FAA

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Robinson R66

Onboard Systems International, Inc. today announced that its cargo hook kits with Surefire® release technology for the Robinson Helicopter R66 aircraft have been STC certified by the FAA. Onboard has also submitted these Surefire-enabled systems to Transport Canada for certification. The Surefire circuit requires a purposeful, half-second press against the hook release button, guarding against inadvertent load loss resulting from accidental contact with the release button during flight.

TALON LC Keeperless Surefire Cargo Hook Kit with Onboard Weighing System (P/N 200-381-10)
TALON LC Keeperless Surefire Cargo Hook Kit with Onboard Weighing System (P/N 200-381-10)

“The Robinson R66 is a popular new aircraft with our external load customers, so we’re excited to be able to offer our Surefire release technology on these cargo hook kits,” said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Onboard Systems. “The extra load security that Surefire provides offers a significant advantage between our cargo hook kits and competing products on the market.”

Onboard’s Robinson R66 Cargo Hook Kits are built around the latest-generation TALON® Keeperless Cargo Hook, which is designed to handle a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles while eliminating the possibility of losing loads that might inadvertently slide past the keeper. Other safety features include a rugged mount point with quadruple shear joint to ensure torsional strength, the best available ground clearance from the lowest hanging point of the cargo hook (10.5 in. / 27 cm), and a lock indicator window to give the ground crew an easy visual confirmation that the hook is locked.

The optional Remote Hook Electrical Release Kit gives pilots the ability to release loads from the cockpit, while the Onboard Weighing System helps to show the exact weight of the load on the cargo hook. Onboard’s weighing system for the Robinson R66 uses state-of-the-art pin load cell technology to increase ground clearance by replacing the main attach bolt instead of mounting as a separate link above the hook, providing easier cable routing and lower system weight.

The newly certified Surefire cargo hook kits for the Robinson R66 include the TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook Kit (P/N 200-380-10) and the TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook Kit with Onboard Weighing System (P/N 200-381-10). In addition to offering the Surefire release technology option on new equipment, Onboard Systems can upgrade existing equipment for select models of certified cargo hooks at the factory during overhauls or upon request. Upgrade kits will also be available for operators with the capabilities to perform this work in house or through a local service facility. Please contact us for more information.

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