Surefire solenoid coverSurefire Cargo Hook Release Technology

Onboard's new Surefire™ Release Technology is a useful safety option for external load operators. An integrated electronic circuit is added inside the cargo hook, which provides about a half-second delay from when the electrical release button is pressed until the hook opens to help guard against inadvertent releases.

  • Helps Prevent Inadvertent Releases — The half-second delay ensures that a purposeful engagement of the release button has been triggered, helping to prevent inadvertent external load releases caused by accidental contact with the button or momentary button mix up.
  • Instant Release Authority Retained — Pilots can still use the manual release in an emergency if the hook must be opened immediately.
  • Proven System Reliability — Solid-state circuit is environmentally sealed and contains multiple redundant components that have been rigorously qualified and tested per stringent FAA guidelines.

To make it easier to distinguish between hooks with Surefire and those without Surefire, we use a gold-colored solenoid housing case on the Surefire-enabled hooks, instead of our regular black anodizing finish.

Surefire is being rolled out as an upgrade option on select cargo hooks and is now available for the Bell 204, 205, 212 & 412 Non-Rotating Cargo Hook Kits and the TALON Auto-Loc Cargo Hook System. We anticipate adding a Surefire option for our Airbus Helicopters AS350 Hydraulic Swing kits, MD Helicopters 500 Hydraulic Cargo Hook Kits, and our Bell 407 Hydraulic Cargo Hook Kits before the end of 2016. Sign up for our Surefire email information list using the form below to stay informed about Surefire availability.

Upgrades & Overhaul Options
As certifications for the Surefire option are acquired, Onboard plans to introduce upgrade paths for existing customers. We anticipate that operators will be able to add the Surefire module to select models as part of our factory overhaul or repair service, through our Exchange Pool Program, or through purchase of an Upgrade Kit, which would provide the parts and instructions for operators to perform the upgrade themselves or through a local service center.


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