2.5 Times Rated Load

EC130 swing load


2.5 Times Rated LoadStudies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the FAA have found that a significant cause of helicopter lift accidents is linked to the belly hook’s inability to release loads above rated capacity. Accidents have occurred when a suspended load becomes tangled on the ground after the aircraft has momentum. The aircraft is forced into the ground because the hook is loaded above its dropping capacity.

Because of this finding, in 1999 the FAA revised FAR Sections 27.865 and 29.865 to require cargo hooks to function normally up to and including 2.5 times rated load. However, all cargo hooks that were designed and certified prior to 1999 are not required to comply with this requirement, and continue to be manufactured and sold. That means that even if you buy a new hook today, it may not meet this important safety standard.

All TALON® Cargo Hooks are designed to release 2.5 times the rated load, both electrically and manually. Many other brands of hooks, however, will only release loads up to their rated capacity. Don’t scrimp on safety — choose cargo hooks from Onboard Systems and lift with confidence!


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