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SPIDER Multi-Hook Carousel Controller

Based on extensive feedback from our customers, we built a new SPIDERĀ® multi-hook carousel controller from the ground up to ensure that it meets your requirements. Designed for easy operation by a single pilot, our controller provides automatic hook detection and advancement, plus the ability to override the automatic settings and drop-all functionality.When used with lighted hooks, it can provide visual confirmation of the next hook to be released.



  • Automatic Hook Detection: Controller senses the number of cargo hooks connected, ignoring any empty slots.
  • Automatic Hook Advancement: Controller keeps track of which hooks have been released and automatically advances to arm the next hook.
  • Provides Illuminated Feedback: When used with lighted hooks, the controller supports extensive illuminated feedback showing which hook is staged for release.
  • Controller Override: Pilots can bypass the auto advance settings and drop loads out of sequence if needed, including drop-all functionality.
  • Easy to Configure: A DIP switch lets you enable or disable various custom features (such as drop-all functionality, select hook, etc.) without the need to flash new software.
  • 3-Wire Control: Lets you use your existing long line equipment, connections, and swivels with some minor aircraft rewiring to provide a continuous circuit to the carousel.
  • Legacy Carousel Support: Controller can operate in a basic mode to support legacy carousel systems.