Boeing CH-47 Product Number 210-115-00

3 Channel Load Cell Signal Conditioner

Onboard's Signal Conditioner for the CH-47 can be connected with up to three load cells, allowing you to monitor loads on the fore, aft and center cargo hooks. It can be conveniently mounted in the aircraft so it is accessible to both the operator and maintenance personnel.


For use with the E-59 and E-60 load cells for the Boeing CH-47 aircraft


  • Monitors all Three Hooks: Provides three independent load cell amplifier circuits, excitation power supplies, analog outputs and three load-on hook indications.
  • Self-Calibration: The unit can be quickly calibrated by picking up a known-weight load.
  • BIT Routine: A built in test (BIT) routine tests electronics, the load cells, and the interconnecting cables and displays error messages if faults are found.
  • No Screwdriver Adjustments: All calibration and zeroing out is done with software.


  • Part Number210-115-00
  • Unit Weight 2.21 lb. (1 kg)
  • Electrical Requirements 20-32 VDC