Surefire Upgrades

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TALON MC Cargo Hook Surefire Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your existing TALON MC Cargo Hook with our Surefire® Release Technology. To help guard against accidental load loss, this useful safety option adds an integrated electronic circuit to your cargo hook that provides about a half-second delay from when the electrical release button is pressed until the hook opens.


For P/N series 528-020-XX


  • Helps Prevent Inadvertent Releases: The half-second delay ensures that a purposeful engagement of the release button has been triggered, helping to prevent inadvertent external load loss caused by accidental contact with the button or a momentary button mix up.
  • Instant Release Authority Retained: Pilots can still use the manual release in an emergency if the hook must be opened immediately.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is quick and easy with readily available tools. Assembly instructions can be found in the CMM manual for this hook and can be downloaded from our website.
  • Proven System Reliability: Solid-state circuit is environmentally sealed and contains multiple redundant components that have been rigorously qualified and tested per stringent FAA guidelines.
  • Easy Identification: To make it easier to distinguish between hooks with Surefire and those without Surefire, we use a gold-colored solenoid housing case on the Surefire-enabled hooks, instead of our regular black anodizing finish.
  • Upgrade at Overhaul: Upgrade your TALON cargo hook during your next scheduled overhaul, inspection, or repair service and we will waive installation charges. You pay only for the upgrade components.