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Bell 206 A&B Suspension System, Cargo Hook, and OWS Overhaul Service

When you send your suspension system, cargo hook, and Onboard Weighing System (OWS) to Onboard Systems for overhaul, our highly trained factory technicians will restore it to like-new condition. Our standard overhaul service includes all recommended procedures listed in the cargo hook service manual or component maintenance manual.

Onboard Systems will perform a standard overhaul on your equipment for a fixed fee. Please refer to our Repair Station Cargo Hook Price List for more information.


Service for P/N series 200-269-XX


  • Like-New Service: We disassemble, inspect, clean, lubricate, and reassemble your equipment, replacing all threaded fasteners, bearings, and bushing springs, as well as replacing any worn or corroded parts.
  • Compliance with Outstanding Service Bulletins: As part of our overhaul process, we check your equipment and/or serial numbers for any outstanding service bulletins and bring it into compliance as needed.
  • Refinishing & Re-anodizing: Damaged finishes and coatings on exposed parts are touched up or reapplied to protect your cargo hook from corrosion and wear.
  • Non-destructive Inspection & Testing (NDT): Our NDT services include magnetic particle and penetrant inspection of structural and load bearing parts, such as the side plates, manual release lever, load beam assembly, solenoid cam, toggle, cam, cam roller pin, etc.
  • Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP): These tests ensure that your overhauled cargo hook equipment is ready to safely resume external load work.
  • Upgrade Program: We offer a number of trade-in and upgrade programs for both Onboard Systems and competitor equipment. If it's time to overhaul your equipment, you could save money with a trade-in or upgrade and enjoy the safety and operational advantages offered with Onboard's newer technologies.


  • Attach Bolt Include as part of overhaul
  • Linkage Consult manual to see if TBO time applies
  • Electrical Harness Do not include for overhaul
  • Mechanical Cables Do not include for overhaul
  • Unit Weight 18.6 lb. (8.4 kg)