Part Number
Mesh Size
2.5 in (64 mm)
Unit Weight
60 lb. (27.2 kg)
Working Load Limit (WLL)
6,600 lb. (2,993 kg)


Helicopter Cargo Net (6,600 lb. WLL)

Product Number: HCN2020-8C1

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Barry Cordage Ltd. Manufactures a wide range of industrial-grade, rope-related products and services. Their helicopter longlines, cargo nets, and rigging products are state-of-the-art, resulting from nearly three decades of ongoing R&D from the design team at Barry in collaboration with operators around the world.

This cargo net is a recently redesigned and improved version of the 5K WLL cargo net, trusted and used worldwide for both civil and military applications.

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  • Knotless Nylon Cargo Net:Cargo net is fabricated using knotless nylon netting and includes three lanyards with self-closing hooks and one master link lanyard.
  • Reinforced Center:Cargo net center is reinforced and has a marker for durability and facilitated loading.
  • Compliances:Supported by Airworthiness Analysis to FAA CFR Title 14, Parts 27 & 29.
  • Extended Shelf & Service Life:Recent product design update and extensive airworthiness analysis now allows for a combined shelf/service life of up to 10 years for products manufactured after February 1, 2020. For products manufactured before February 1, 2020, please refer to shelf and service life information on the product ID tag.
  • Comes With:Permanent ID tag, Certificate of Compliance (COC), transport/storage bag, and user instructions manual.

Hardware Notes

  • Longlines and cargo nets are considered on-condition throughout their shelf and service life and must pass inspections and maintenance recommendations found in the user manual.
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