Part Number
Unit Weight
3.3 lb. (1.5 kg)
Minimum Release Load
0 lb. (0 kg)

Remote Hooks

TALON Keeperless Retrofit Kit for 3.3K Half Cage Remote Hook

Product Number: 212-057-00

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While using remote hook with a traditional keeper has distinct advantages for missions requiring fast loading, it also carries strict rigging size limitations and requires at least 2 lb. (1 kg) of weight on the load beam to release. For missions where rapid loading isn't an issue, or that require unique linkage (such as USFS contract-provided equipment), or where greatest load safety is paramount, a keeperless configuration would be a better option.

This retrofit kit allows you to convert your existing TALON 3.3K Remote Hook from a keepered hook to a keeperless hook as needed to suit specific missions.

NOTE: For P/Ns 528-018-02 and 528-018-03. Retrofit kit cannot be used on 528-018-00 or 528-018-01 until Service Bulletin 159-024-00 has been completed.

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  • Keeperless Cargo Hook:Spring-loaded keepered hooks require a specific size load ring to ensure it won't work its way around the keeper. That's why Onboard replaced the cargo hook keeper mechanism with a uniquely secure load beam system. Since there's no keeper, a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles can be safely used without worrying about dynamic rollout.
  • Upgrade at Overhaul:Upgrade your TALON cargo hook during your next scheduled overhaul, inspection, or repair service and we will waive installation charges. You pay only for the upgrade components.
  • Swap Load Beam Configurations in the Field:Switch between the keepered or keeperless load beam configuration in the field as needed using simple hand tools and a functionality check as described in the owner’s manual.
  • Cost-Effective Versatility:Hook configuration can be changed from keepered to keeperless and back again as needed for your missions.
  • Easily Drop Light Loads:Keep light loads from hanging up with a hook whose load beam opens to almost 90°, even with the lightest of loads.
  • Easy Installation:Installation is quick and easy with readily available tools. Assembly instructions can be found in the documentation for this hook, which can be downloaded from our website.
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