SPIDER 6-Hook Carousel - with hooks (Superseded by 200-421-00)

Product Number: 200-410-00

This kit has been superseded and is no longer being manufactured. For repairs, overhauls, upgrades and other service issues, please refer to Document 165-003-00 Repair Department Pricing Sheet.

Please refer to the Overhauls & Repairs section of our website for more information.

NOTE: Go to 200-421-00

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  • Built Tough for Low Maintenance:Rugged cage protects your hooks from above and below. The durable, high-visibility finish makes it easy to spot from the ground and gives you years of duty in the field.
  • Buy What You Need:You can start out with a minimum number of hooks and buy additional Spider Spoke Kits and TALON Carousel Hooks as needed.
  • Quick Installation:Uses existing three-wire long line power set-up. Ability to quickly add or remove hooks from the controller.
  • Numbered Hooks:Large numbers on top of each hook help the ground crew place the proper load on each hook and assist the pilot with load drop coordination.
  • Easy Stowage:Flexible cables make it easy to store in your hangar until needed.
  • Simple Switch Controller:The solid state controller is operated from the cockpit using just two buttons—drop and reset.
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