Part Number
Unit Weight
30 lb. (13.6 kg)
Max Load (Single Hook)
650 lb. (295 kg)
Maximum Combined Load
3,200 lb. (1,452 kg)
Maximum Combined Load
1,600 lb. (726 kg)
Limit Load
8,000 lb. (3,629 kg)
Ultimate Strength
12,000 lb. (5,443 kg)
Maximum Total Load
3,200 lb. (1,452 kg)


SPIDER 8-Hook Carousel - no hooks (Obsolete)

Product Number: 200-406-00

This kit has been discontinued and is no longer being manufactured. For repairs, overhauls, upgrades and other service issues, please refer to Document 165-003-00 Repair Department Pricing Sheet.

Please refer to the Overhauls & Repairs section of our website for more information.

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