Part Number

Airbus Helicopters AS350 B2 & previous; Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3, B3e & H125; Airbus Helicopters H130 (EC130 B4)

Bumper Upgrade Kit

Product Number: 200-362-00

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Many operators who originally purchased a swing or sling cargo hook system directly from the helicopter OEMs have replaced their legacy cargo hook with an Onboard Systems TALON Keeperless Cargo Hook. By customer request, Onboard is pleased to offer these operators an option to purchase a bumper ring kit so they can better protect their hook and aircraft fusilege during external load operations.

NOTE: For aircraft with Onboard Systems cargo hook 528-029-00 or 528-023-01 on OEM swing or sling configuration.

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  • Polymer Bumper Ring:Crack-resistant polymer bumper ring protects the hook, the cables, and the airframe from swinging loads.


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