Keeperless Hook Technology

Keeperless Hooks Release


Onboard System’s revolutionary keeperless technology gives operators unprecedented safety features. Keeperless hooks can safely use a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles — offering maximum flexibility for operators. 

TALON LC Keeperless HookSpring loaded keepered hooks require use of very specific ring sizes and styles in order to prevent the possibility of losing a load that could slide past the keeper. But since Onboard’s keeperless cargo hooks don’t have a spring loaded keeper, the load has no chance to slip past the keeper and inadvertently fall from the hook.

  • Use a Variety of Load Rings — TALON keeperless cargo hooks let you safely use a wide variety of load rings and shackles, including multiple attachments.
  • Easy, One-Handed Loading — TALON keeperless hooks have a unique load beam that remains open after a load is jettisoned, providing a large target for the loader. A ring is loaded by pushing the ring upward on the top of the load beam.
  • Reliability — Our TALON keeperless cargo hooks have proven themselves to be reliable with thousands of installations worldwide. And the on-going maintenance costs for our hooks can be up to ten times less than other brands.
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