Onboard Systems Upgrades Safety
on its 6K TALON MC Keeperless Cargo Hook

TALON MC 6K Cargo Hook
The newly updated TALON MC cargo hook (P/N 528-020-10) features a highly-visible manual release lever on the side plate.
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Onboard Systems announced the production release of its newly upgraded TALON MC Keeperless 6,000 LB (2,722 KG) cargo hook, which includes additional safety-oriented and user-friendly features.

The updated TALON MC Keeperless cargo hook includes a new, highly-visible manual release lever on the side plate, below the bumper ring. The addition of a lever in an accessible location will make it easier for the ground crew to open the hook during loading and unloading operations. The hook lock indicator has also been redesigned to make it easier for the ground crew to quickly verify that the hook is securely locked after loading.

"Onboard Systems is always looking for ways to improve the safety and usability of our cargo hooks," said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Onboard Systems. "Customers who already have TALON MC Keeperless hooks will be able to buy an upgrade kit to add these improvements to their existing equipment, or they can ask about the upgrade when they send it back to the factory for overhaul."

Release Lever Upgrade Assembly

If you operate one of the previous versions of our TALON MC cargo hook, you have two options to add the release lever assembly to your existing cargo hook. You can ask us to upgrade your hook with the new release lever assembly the next time you send us your hook for overhaul, repair, or inspection services. If you don't want to wait, you can aslo order our Release Lever Upgrade Assembly (P/N 232-613-00) and either install it yourself or have a local qualified service center install it for you.

For more information, click here to view the 528-020-10 TALON MC Cargo Hook on our website.

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