Onboard's BO105LS A-3 Hydraulic Cargo Hook Kits
Receive FAA & Brazil Cerification

BO105 Cargo Hook Kit
Back view of the BO105 Replacement Cargo Hook kit, showing the lock indicator.
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Onboard's new replacement hydraulic cargo hook kits for the Eurocopter BO105LS A-3 aircraft have been certified by the FAA and ANAC/Brazil and are now in production. The kits have also been submitted to Transport Canada and EASA for certification in Canada and Europe. These easy-to-install replacement cargo hook kits can be used to upgrade legacy cargo hook systems and come with or without an integrated Onboard Weighing System.

"Our TALON® replacement hydraulic cargo hook kits are very effective at reducing inadvertent cargo releases on BO105 and other aircraft previously equipped with legacy cargo hook equipment," said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Onboard Systems. "The new kits provide a cost-effective, technologically superior upgrade for BO105 operators looking to overhaul or replace an outdated cargo hook system."

Excessive movement during external load operations can unintentionally activate an improperly rigged manual release cable on a cargo hook system, causing an inadvertent release of the load. Onboard's hydraulic cargo hook kits will only open the hook when the pilot activates the release handle—snagging or damage to the cable will not lead to accidentally dropping the cargo. In addition to the hydraulic release, the new kit features a bumper ring and improved positioning to further protect control cables and electrical connectors from damage.

An optional Onboard Weighing System allows pilots to instantly know the exact weight of the cargo on the hook, reducing the risk of overload airframe stress and helps the pilot make more informed aircraft loading decisions. In addition, Onboard's cargo hooks are designed to release 2.5 times the rated load in an emergency situation (such as a longline snag), giving pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load.

Click here for more information about our newly certified replacement cargo hook kits for the BO105.