Onboard Systems Implements RMA System
to Improve Customer Service
Onboard's New RMA System
Our new RMA system will help ensure that any products you ship back to the factory will receive prompt attention.
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Onboard Systems is implementing a new RMA (returned material authorization) system to assist with the processing of packages received at its factory in Vancouver, Washington state. The new system will help ensure that any products which are returned for repairs, overhauls, restocking or warranty service can be quickly identified and forwarded to the correct department for processing.

According to Karsten Lemmon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Onboard Systems, "In the past, many customers wanting overhauls or repairs simply packed up a product and shipped it off to us without contacting us beforehand, or even including a note about why they were sending us something. So we'd have to look at the shipping label to figure out who had sent the product, and then try to contact them to find out what they wanted us to do for them. Since we have customers around the world, it can sometimes take two or three days to make initial contact with the customer."

With the new RMA system, customers will be required to get an RMA number from Onboard Systems prior to returning a product to the factory and write it on the outside of the package. When the package arrives at the factory, the RMA ticket will contain all of the information about who the product belongs to and what services are required, so it can immediately move into the appropriate repair or service queue.

"We expect that our new RMA system will help expedite repairs, returns and other services," continued Lemmon. "RMA numbers can be immediately issued while talking to a support tech, or customers can request an RMA at our website. When the number is generated, the reasons for the returned will be entered into our system, so we will be able to start work on it immediately once it arrives at the factory, and get back to the customer with a repair or overhaul quote that much faster."

For more information about how to request an RMA number, please visit the Onboard Systems website.