Onboard Rolls Out New & Improved
TALON Keeperless Cargo Hook
Improved TALON Keeperless Cargo Hook
Onboard has updated its TALON Keeperless hook to include many more user-friendly safety features.
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As the TALON® LC Keeperless Cargo Hook approaches its tenth anniversary, Onboard Systems has been hard at work to incorporate even more safety-oriented and user-friendly innovations into their flagship product. The result of these efforts is a significantly improved hook that has been rolling out into growing numbers of complete and replacement cargo hook systems.

The updated TALON Keeperless Cargo Hook is the same size and weight as its predecessor and uses the same mounting interfaces and electrical and manual release cable connection locations. But it also incorporates many of the design improvements developed for Onboard's hydraulic release cargo hooks, such as:

  • A hook lock indicator that uses alignment marks to help ground crew verify that the cargo hook is fully closed and locked.

  • Improved load beam geometry allows the hook to open up to almost 90° (vs. 45° for the previous generation hook) for better low-load, high-friction drops.

  • A window in the manual release cover that allows an operator to check the manual release cable rigging at the cargo hook. Improper manual release cable rigging has been identified as a major contributor to inadvertent load releases.

  • Highly-visible, wider and longer release lever makes it easier for ground crews to open the hook while wearing work gloves.

  • Improved performance during no-load and low-voltage releases.

  • An additional 100 LB (45.4 KG) in load-lifting capacity over the previous generation. This cargo hook is rated for 3,600 LB (1,633 KG).

Here is a list of all the the cargo hook kits that have been certified to use the updated TALON LC Keeperless hook. Other kits will be added as certifications are approved.

Kits Using the Updated TALON Keeperless Hook
Kit P/N Description
200-260-01 Bell 206L & 407 Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-267-01 Bell 206A & 206B Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-329-00 Bell 407 Fixed Beam Suspension Kit
200-330-00 Bell 407 Fixed Beam Suspension Kit with Pillow Blocks
200-351-00 Eurocopter EC120 Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-280-04 Eurocopter AS350 Swing Suspension Kit
200-281-03 Eurocopter AS350 B3 Swing Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-282-03 Eurocopter AS350 Sling Suspension Kit
200-286-02 Eurocopter AS350 Swing Retrofit Kit
200-353-00 Eurocopter AS350 B2 & Previous Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-352-00 Eurocopter AS355 Replacement Cargo Hook Kit
200-264-01 MD 500 Cargo Hook Kit
200-264-02 MD 600 Cargo Hook Kit
200-326-00 Robinson R44 Cargo Hook Kit (14V)
200-327-00 Robinson R44 II Cargo Hook Kit
200-327-01 Robinson R44 II Cargo Hook Kit with Onboard Weighing System