Featured Product: Crew-Loc Cargo Hooks
Full-cage Crew-Loc cargo hook
Our full-cage Crew-Loc hook is ideally suited for transporting valuable equipment through rugged terrain.
Half-cage Crew-Loc cargo hook
Our half-cage Crew-Loc hook offers lightweight load security.
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By popular request, Onboard Systems is pleased to introduce our new line of Crew-Loc® hooks. These hooks offer the ultimate in load security for transporting high-value loads.

Our rotating Crew-Loc Hooks are available in both full-cage and half-cage configurations and are rated for 6,000 LB (2,722 KG). They are particularly suited to non-repetitive longline lifts where security of the load is paramount and detachment of the load can be accomplished by ground crew.


  • Highest Load Security — The hook can only be opened by the ground crew, reducing the possibility of an inadvertent release for valuable loads and equipment. 

  • Robust Hook & Cage Combination — The cargo hook and protective cage are combined into one integrated unit that is robust, reliable and low maintenance.

  • Durable, High-Visibility Powder Coat Frame — Ensures years of duty in the field. Lasts significantly longer than paint finishes.

  • Anti-Friction Bearing Design — Swivel hook uses an anti-friction bearing design to allow the hook to rotate freely under load.

  • Easy to Operate —Enlarged thumb access to the low-profile release lever makes it easy for ground crew to open the hook, even with work gloves.

  • Low Maintenance Cost — Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.

For more information, please visit our product pages.