Hydraulic Cargo Hook Upgrade Kits
TALON LC Hydraulic Cargo Hook
If you're ready to move up to the added safety and load security of Onboard's Hydraulic Release technology, you may want to find out more about our new Hydraulic Upgrade Kits.
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If you already own an Onboard Systems Eurocopter AS350 swing suspension system with a mechanical TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook installed, but would like to be able to swap it out for a TALON LC Hydraulic Cargo Hook, then our new Hydraulic Upgrade Kits are just what you're looking for! Now you can upgrade your existing cargo hook system to the greater load security hydraulic release hooks offer.

Hydraulic Release Technology:
A Significant Safety Innovation

In 2006, Onboard Systems pioneered and developed hydraulic release technology for helicopter external load work. A US Department of Interior Aviation Management Technical Bulletin dated July 16, 2004 discussed common safety issues linked to inadvertent cargo hook releases. The findings demonstrated that improper rigging, combined with large amounts of movement during external load operations, can cause the cargo hook release mechanism to be accidentally activated by tension on the release cable.

Manual "push-pull" cabled release systems need to be installed with very precise limits in order to ensure that the system performs properly. Unlike existing mechanical release cable systems, the hydraulic line can be routed with the electrical release cable and is unaffected by movement of the cargo hook. It does not require special rigging—significantly decreasing the chance of an inadvertent load loss due to imprecise rigging.

Another advantage of the hydraulic release system is that it will only open the hook when the pilot activates the release handle—snagging or damage to the cable will not lead to accidentally dropping the cargo. If a mechanical cable gets snagged or hit by the load it can inadvertently open the hook, causing the loss of the cargo.

Hydraulic Upgrade Kits Now Available
Currently we are offering two Hydraulic Upgrade Kits for the Eurocopter AS350 B2 & B3 aircraft with an Onboard Systems swing, but other kits for other aircraft are in development. If you are interested in making the switch to hydraulic release technology, please give us a call or e-mail us to discuss your specific aircraft needs. While you're at it, don't forget to ask about the trade-in credit we are offering for trading in your old TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook to upgrade to a hydraulic release hook.

You can also visit our Featured Product page for more information.