Format Changes for Onboard Systems Documentation
Cover of a new Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
Cover of one of our new Component Maintenance
Manuals (CMM). The CMM
format will eventually replace
most of Onboard's Service Manuals.
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Onboard Systems is committed to providing our customers with the very best customer support possible. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services — which is why we believe our customers will really appreciate the changes we are making to our cargo hook service manuals.

As some of you may have already noticed, we have begun converting our product Service Manuals over to a new format — the Component Maintenance Manual, or CMM. Onboard's CMMs contain instructions for inspection, maintenance and overhaul of our cargo hook equipment and associated components, including recommended inspection intervals and techniques.

These user-friendly manuals will eventually replace all of our existing service manuals, and have been organized to provide even more detail about how to inspect our products, replace components and to make repairs by drawing on Onboard’s own FAA Repair Station experience. The goal is to make it easier for our customers to inspect and maintain their Onboard cargo hook products using the appropriate schedules and best known practices.

As part of the conversion process, we are also consolidating hook families into the same 122-XXX-XX documents to help reduce the total number of documents our customers must maintain in their libraries. For example, if a cargo hook can be configured for 12 volts or 28 volts, it would have been set up with a different service manual for each voltage, even though the maintenance procedures are the same. This meant that if a customer owned both versions of the hook, they would have to maintain two manuals that are essentially identical in their library. By combining these part numbers into the same CMM, however, customers will have fewer manuals to contend with.

Discontinued Manuals
To help our customers during this transition, we have added the ability to search for discontinued documentation at our website. So if a manual you are searching for has been discontinued, your search return will immediately alert you that the manual has been discontinued and provide you with the new manual number:

Even if a manual has been discontinued, you will still be able to search for it on our website. The search results will provide you with the number of the document that has replaced the discontinued manual.
Detail of search return

To date, the only Service Manual that has been discontinued and superseded by a CMM is Service Manual 122-013-00 (now superseded by 122-001-00). For your convenience, here is the list of parts that have been affected by this change:

Table of Parts Now Included in CMM 122-001-00
(from obsolete Service Manual 122-013-00)
P/N Description
528-010-06 TALON LC 12v Cargo Hook
200-324-00 Robinson R44 12v Cargo Hook Kit
200-225-00 Robinson R22 12v Cargo Hook Kit

If you have registered any of these parts in our Document Update Service, this change will automatically be reflected in your account.

Standardized Equipment Overhaul Frequency
On a general note, we have been updating all of our documentation to conform with our standardized "five (5) years or 1,000 hours of operation, whichever comes first,” overhaul criteria. By the end of March, we will have updated close to 95% of our documentation, so if you have not registered for our Document Update Service, you should probably visit our Manuals and Documents page to make sure that all of your Onboard Systems documentation is current.

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