Featured Product: Onboard Weighing Systems
Load cell for an Onboard Weighing System
Onboard Weighing Systems are available for the following aircraft models:
  • Agusta A109P
  • Agusta A119K
  • AgustaWestland AW101
  • Bell 204
  • Bell 205
  • Bell 206 A&B
  • Bell 206L
  • Bell 212
  • Bell 214
  • Bell 222
  • Bell 407
  • Bell 412
  • Boeing CH-47
  • Eurocopter AS350
  • Eurocopter AS355
  • Eurocopter BK117
  • Eurocopter BO105
  • Eurocopter EC120
  • Eurocopter EC130
  • Eurocopter SA315B
  • Eurocopter SA330
  • Kaman K-Max
  • MD 369 / 500N / 520
  • MD 600N
  • Mil 8/17
  • Robinson R44
  • Sikorsky S-55 / 58
  • Sikorsky UH-60
  • Sikorsky S-61
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Did you know that you can minimize stress to your aircraft while maximizing load economy and hauling efficiency with an Onboard Weighing System?

Every aircraft has an optimum balance point between load size and flight speed that results in less downtime for maintenance and the ability to take on more work. When pilots know the load weight, they don’t have to err on the side of caution. Plus, they can immediately report accurate statistics to customers, effectively eliminating arguments over weight promised or weight transported.

Our Onboard Weighing Systems integrate seamlessly with many of our cargo hook kits and are consistently accurate to +/- 1.0%.

How it Works
A glance at the cockpit-mounted indicator tells the pilot the weight of the cargo on the hook within 10 LB/KG. This is measured through an electronic load cell, using strain-gauge technology. The cell is temperature compensated and requires little maintenance. Our C-39 Cockpit Indicator displays weight on a large LCD display with backlit digits, and operation couldn’t be simpler. The pilot uses two buttons to select desired load dampening, readout units (LB/KG), and load zero. Display mounts in a 2-1/4” hole.

Click the image to view a video about our Onboard Weighing Systems. For larger picture, click here.


  • Ramp Up Productivity — Eliminates guessing games so you can lift higher average loads safely.
  • Improve Customer Relations — No more arguments over weight promised or weight transported. You can report accurate statistics on the spot.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs — Reduce repairs due to overstress and overload, and keep your aircraft on the job.
  • Precision Weighing — Digital technology consistently accurate to +/- 1.0%, derived from our highly precise strain-gauge technology.

C-39 Electronic Cockpit Indicator
Included with every Onboard Weighing System, our C-39 Electronic Cockpit Indicator gives you clear, backlit, easy-to-read digital weight in pounds or kilograms. Environmentally sealed against moisture damage; may be mounted in any location. Available in 5- or 24-VDC back lighting (NVG option also available). Easy to operate without increasing pilot workload.

Analog Slave Meter
Get a steady look at your load weight with our secondary Analog Slave Meter! At-a-glance visual feedback of your external load – without needle bounce! Large dial and steady needle for quick, accurate load reading. Reliable, stepper motor-driven meter compatible with all Onboard Weighing Systems.

For more information, visit our website.

Onboard Weighing Systems are available for a wide variety of aircraft.

Onboard Weighing Systems are available for a wide variety of aircraft models. Call us for more information.