Onboard Systems Offers New Cargo Hook Overhaul Kits
Our new overhaul kits include all the parts you may need to overhaul your Onboard Systems cargo hook.
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Onboard Systems operates a certified repair station so that we can service, repair and overhaul all the equipment we manufacture. However, one of the many benefits offered by our cargo hook equipment is that our hooks are easy to overhaul — all parts of our hooks are field serviceable with simple hand tools.

If you choose to service your hook at your location, simply follow the instructions in your service manual, disassemble your hook and perform a visual inspection of all the parts and components as discussed in the service manual. Parts that show wear as defined in the service manual will need to be replaced; parts that meet the inspection standards can be cleaned and reassembled.

In any case, you will probably end up having to individually identify and order an assortment of replacement nuts, bolts, springs, washers, bushings, bearings, cotter pins and other small parts. That's why Onboard Systems is pleased to announce our new Overhaul Kits, which simplify this step by giving you all of the parts and components used by our own factory technicians when they perform a standard factory overhaul on hooks that are sent in for service. Now you can simply place an order for a single part number and receive all the components needed to perform a standard cargo hook overhaul.

In addition to the speed and convenience these kits offer, we've priced them at a discount compared to ordering each of the included components individually. These kits will greatly simplify the overhaul process while saving you time and money.

For your convenience, here is a list of our new Overhaul Kits, including part numbers and prices. For more information about each kit, please visit our website.

For a list of service manuals, please click here.

212-011-00 $486 TALON MC Keeperless Hook
212-013-00 $374 TALON LC Hook (528-010-XX)
212-015-00 $262 TALON LC Keeperless Hook
212-016-00 $410 6,000 LB Cargo Hook
212-017-00 $364 TALON LC Big Mouth Hook
212-018-00 $341 TALON 3,000 LB Long Line Hook
212-019-00 $357 TALON 6,000 LB Long Line Hook
212-020-00 $495 TALON LC Hydraulic Hook
212-021-00 $197 TALON Carousel Hook (528-021-XX)
212-022-00* $1,454 Bell 204-412 Suspension Frame (200-08X-XX)

All prices quoted in USD & subject to change without notice. Please visit our website or call for the most current pricing.

* NOTE: The Bell 204-412 Suspension Frame Overhaul Kit does not include components to overhaul the cargo hook.